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Filming started yesterday, 21st of March in the convenient apartment location which has made an appearance in less than 5 films already, luckily this time it will only be featured in the first 2 minutes of the short film. Shooting started shortly at half 3 and wrapped it up at 6, plenty of photos were taken at the scene of the crime and hopefully we’ll have them up soon. Filming commenced today ( 22nd March ) starting from 2 and finishing shortly after 6, fewer photos taken this time but at least we filmed it at Hodrum’s residence much to the behest of his dogs who weren’t used to such “ruff” treatment. So far we are approximately 3 – 4 minutes into the film, I reckon we have half of it done and that’s discounting possible ( or probable )  re-shoots, cutaways and inserts. But overall it’s been a fairly productive process, with an expanded film crew,  a set of new toys ( shotgun mic, boom poles and a portable digital recorder ) and Cethan’s newfound ability to pretend to act in front of the camera,  it should be a step up from the previous Gifted Babies production, Cork Christmas Carol and that other film.

Speaking of that other film, Milton Murder Mystery Part 2 is currently in the works and hopefully will be released by the end of the week once I find the will to finish it, it’s only unfortunate that I misplaced that somewhere in a field in Millstreet.

And speaking of time traveling houses, a new Cethan Leahy story titled “The House That Tripped Through Time” has entered preproduction, borrowing some of the good  elements of an imaginary John Carpenter film about time travelling houses, this will be guaranteed to be Cethan’s second Magnum Opus, or just plain chocolate icecream if not.

Watch this space for more news and info … ruff

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Hallelujah! I’ve finally got something from this film posted online. The film has been shot since July 2008 and sat in limbo for quiet some time, I’ve been jumping to and fro between this film and the other mini features we were making at the same time, oh man it’s been a very difficult film to work with both creatively and technically, I suppose it happens when you’re making a fully dubbed-over unscripted 25 minute long film. It’s March 2009 now, 6 months have passed and now it’s approaching the first anniversary of True Love Leaves No Traces aka Milton 1, what better way to celebrate than release an unrelated sequel in 3 separate parts? Still needs some work though.

I’m currently editing each part in a consecutive manner, so now that I have one version of Part 1  done, I’ll be moving on to Part 2 and so on. Once I have all 3 parts done I intend on combining and re-editing the footage together to get one large film with a few extra tweaks, opening and closing credit sequences. So if you prefer to watch the whole thing you’ll have to wait otherwise you can watch the film in its broken form and want to give some early feedback then I’m all ears.

You can watch part one here.

Otherwise you can wait until the other parts and done and watch the film in it’s unbroken form. In the meantime you can watch this little clip

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