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Here’s a clip for the upcoming Milton film that should be released early next year.

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With Principle Photography behind us, we are currently deep in Post Production. Progress is a little bit slower than I’ve anticipated but this would be largely due to an additional set of tools we’re currently working with, this time around we’re trying to give this film a somewhat more professional feel to it so we’re adding an animated title sequence and our own custom soundtrack ( previously we used public domain music ) for sheer fun 🙂 . I’ve also been quiet busy doing the tedious task of removing visual artefacts ( strings, peoples heads ) from the shots to a certain degree. ADR has been relatively ok, thankfully having little dialogue and narration really helps.

Here’s the list of Free Software tools I’m currently using for the films production:

  • KDEnlive 0.7.8 – The main NLE Editor, largely video sequencing editing and colour correction. This tool has matured greatly over the past 2 years
  • Cinelerra 4.0 – Mainly for Audio syncing, since it still works far better than KDEnlive. I’m also using this for matting and some colour correction as well.
  • GIMP 2.6.11 – Rotoscoping. Only used it on shot to remove a moving piece of string from the shot.
  • Audacity 1.3.12 – Audio recording, specifically for ADR work.
  • Synfig 0.62.02 – Animated Title Sequence. Farely usable kit but the learning curve is quite steep and the interface isn’t as intuitive.
  • ZynAddsubfx – Music composition and sound effects. Recent updates have made it more stable on x64 platform.
  • Blender 2.55 – SFX but only small ones. New interface isn’t too difficult to get around to but it does feel slightly more cramped.
  • LMMS 0.4.5 – Music sequencing and sound effects, can be buggy at times but it’s a powerful piece of software.

I can’t give any specific details as to when we’re going to be finished with the film given that there are still a lot of small tasks still to do, but we’re aiming at the end of December.

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