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As the title says, today marks the anniversary for Worksheets, a film that’s basically footage of us trying to make a film in a space of 24 hours and failing to do so 🙂 As far as I can remember from that night it was more of a houseparty than a filming session. By the way the group name “The Gifted Babies” came from this video.

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On the Miniseries

I dont know how far we will get with our limited acting skills. You cant catch everything in editing but we like to tell ourselves that.

Ideas we got plenty of. That does not neccesarily mean they can all be made into RTE quality series. Oh god please help us in this hour of storm. Its very likely that our ship will sink because a ship can have only one captain.

On a more positive note: ‘Hello world! And most importantly shiver me timbers!!!!’

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I’ve been lurking around the Egomotion forums for news and such ( I should really say hello for the sake of politeness )  and someone recently posted this excerpt from the RTE website.

StoryLand invites new and experienced drama production teams to pitch for a truly creative 6-part drama series to be webcast in March 2009.

Pilot first episodes of up to ten new drama series will be commissioned by RTÉ and the audience will decide, by voting
on-line, which six will get to make a second episode.

The second episodes will again be voted on by the audience and four series will get to make a 3rd episode and so on until only one series gets to make all 6 episodes.

Each episode needs to be between 3 to 7 minutes long. If commissioned your budget is a maximum of eight thousand euro per ep, meaning you get nearly 50 grand for your series if you make it to the end.

The pilots will be up from March 2009, with the series webcast between then and September 2009.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get your ideas out there. We’re looking for good stories and interesting characters that will have immediate appeal to 20 somethings. We want as many creative ideas as we can handle so get your thinking caps on and get submitting!

Here’s the link http://www.rte.ie/storyland/index.html

This could be awesome. We have at least another month to work out a series idea and write a pilot script as the website suggests, I can imagine that we all have fairly diverse ideas for a mini-series so we’ll definitely have to have a meeting about it, what we could try is each of us would submit a separate idea and see whichever one RTE would commission. The only disadvantage about this method is that you’ll have to shoot 30 second footage to support the submission, but in the unlikely event that one our submissions gets chosen, the individual or the set of individuals behind the creation of that idea would, likewise in previous Gifted Babies productions, take charge of the production while the rest of the crew silently complain that their idea was better 😛

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The bad news, it appears that Kommando, Cork Film Festivals 24 Hour film competition is a no show, there’s no mention of the competition either on the website or in their schedules so if it’s not advertised therefore it doesn’t exist. It’s a pity actually, some of us where really looking forward to having another go and some of us who weren’t but were obligated 😛

Now for the good news, Bad Vibrations did not make it in this years Depict! shortlist 🙂

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1. The story revolves around a mid film reveal of a seemingly friendly cat named Milton…

2. A strict 1pm start. Harsh but we could lose daylight.

3. In the event of someone’s death, it will be Piratehelm.

4. The following words will lead to distractions. “Pancakes”, “tea”, “Cethan” (esp. when combined with a popular phrase), “Ace”, “To”, and “Base” .

5. There are reshoots.

6. There will be groans immediately following mention of reshoots.

7. Random outburst of singing. This been a popular choice,

8: Editing fixes everything

9: Nobody uses a script

10: The film crew display symptoms of ADHD ( that goes for the director as well )

11: Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!

12: The phrase “don’t worry, we can dub over it” is used frequently

13: You are eating every half hour at someone else’s house

14: When you make Jan grumpy. (This most typically comes at round 11pm, when tiredness and giddiness have settled in the crew’s minds)

15: There is swearing to beat Jesus.

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