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So what’s next in store?

Nothing much actually, the Milton Murder Mystery will probably be out give or take in 2 weeks, I’ll write up a post about the troubled production in the coming week or so. There’s another Cethan Leahy story in the planning stages, whether or not we’re going ahead of this is still unclear since Aidawho and Patchy have been very busy with their college courses of late but as part of their course work they’ll be creating their own videos. There will be another music video from Aidawho and as for Patchy, he’s making a film about light bulbs although I’m not too sure what his role in the production is.

I’ve just ordered some audio recording equipment from ebay so I’ll be doing some foley work in the next few weeks and perhaps put together a little audio story or two and see how it goes. Piratehelm is currently working so she won’t have too much time in her hands. So I predict after Milton Murder Mystery is released there won’t be another Gifted Babies production for at least another 3 or 4 months which may or may not be a detective story …. with a twist.

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As stated from the blog post made on the 23rd December, a re-edited version of the Cork Christmas Carol would be released. Here’s the embed link:


  • A new narration was recorded. It was an attempt at a Brian Blessed impersonation gone Patrick Stewart.
  • Re-edited title sequence, shortened and doesn’t feature “The Gifted Babies proudly present”, added new credits.
  • Improved audio mixing, music volume is lowered in some parts, new sounds are added and the audio in some parts of the film have been run through a denoise filter.
  • Video now displays at the correct aspect ratio ( 16:9 )
  • Added blur filter, contrast adjustments and a denoise filter ( Mplayer’s hqdn3d ) on some parts of the footage.
  • Added end credits and slapped a Creative Common License at the end.
  • Added a new snow matte ( North Main Street ) as well as made adjustments to enlarge the projected area of the other snow mattes.
  • Fake High Definition video, enlarged to 1280*720 using Lanczos formula.
  • Lengthened ending snowfall animation.
  • The fact that I edited the film is only mentioned once.

Does this greatly improve the experience of the film? Course not, these can be viewed as minor adjustments that I had to overlook prior to releasing the first edition due to timing constraints. After all who would release a Christmas film in early January? Unfortunately in the editing process, there’s no such thing as a quick polish ( the action itself, not people from Poland ).

3rd edition coming out in for the 25th Anniversary in 2033, in this version Wesley Whines will shoot first.

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