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“Cork, Like” is being shown in Gate cinema in Cork City at 7pm on 19th October. The film is a collaborative effort with 9 filmmakers including Cethan and Ger Brown. Looking forward to seeing “The Amazing” on the big screen!

Screencap from "The Amazing"

Screencap from “The Amazing”

More details from the link:


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The Beast of Bath will be showing in Programme 1 of the 10 Days in Dublin festival.

Date’s date/time and admission feeds are as follows:

July 8th at 4pm (€5)
July 9th at 6pm (€7/6)

So head on over to the Event’s Facebook Programme page for more info!

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Itching to go see The Beast of Bath? Now is your chance to go see the film in all its maritime glory in this years Fastnet Film Festival on Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th May, and Signal Film Festival on 22nd May.MVI_0002

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I’ve recently invested in a Wacom tablet for the purpose of storyboarding films and just doodling around for fun. The script is still being worked on but that doesn’t stop me from storyboarding some scenes. Production could either start in November or December depending how confident we are with the script. Anyway, here are two relatively spoiler free sketches of ‘Dump’:

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October News

Just after coming back from the Cork Film Festival Programme Launch, got a free Corona, grabbed some grub, talked to handful of people that I knew from last years festival, graciously accepted the Programme when they started handing them out and then headed home. Unfortunately neither True Love Leaves No Traces or Cork Christmas Carol were accepted for the Made In Cork screenings. Better luck next year I suppose.

A small group of us held a meeting last week to discuss about Storyland 2 . This year the idea revolves around a startup band called Frostbite who try to make it big in Cork’s music scene, it also features a love quadrangle. James Sullivan wrote the script and it seems to be pretty good, although it would be hard to not make it bear some similarities to Flight of the Conchords or Spinal Tap. We have about a week left to get everything submitted, curious to see if we’ll manage it this time round.

Not sure if anyone noticed but I replaced the History page on the top bar with a Films page, which contains a much needed presentation for each film we made since the group formed. It’s a nice little addition to the site, hoping to apply some similar changes to the other pages as well. Also created a new Vimeo channel called “The Gifted Babies Channel”, now it’s much nicer to navigate through our Vimeo library. Here’s the link.

Work on the next film, a Cethan Leahy project, is due to begin early next month. Will provide updates by then.

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This years Fastnet Film Festival will be held in Schull between the 14th and 17th of May, it’s kind of exciting for us because three of the accepted submissions were films that all of us had some involvement in. First being “The Bottle”, co-directed by Piratehelm, written by Gemma McCarthy and Fiona Riordan, and edited by James Sullivan, the film is a simple tale about lost love and found bottles. The second film to be accepted is “True Love Leaves No Traces” directed by me, the role of the main titular male lead is also played by me, written and edited by me, the voice of Milton provided by me, I suppose the film was chosen because they liked me, they really really liked me. The third but not least, “Trippers Through Time“, the film that propelled Cethan Leahy into the limelight and sealed his fate in the film industry, it was directed by him, he also starred, written and even narrated it, so they must have liked him too. “Trippers Through Time” was already shown in the Bangor Film Festival ’08 but sadly did not bring back anything to Ireland, the winning Bangor films can be viewed from this link.

Details about the festival can be found here.

As for prizes we can try win can be found here. It would be nice to win something for once 🙂

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So what’s next in store?

Nothing much actually, the Milton Murder Mystery will probably be out give or take in 2 weeks, I’ll write up a post about the troubled production in the coming week or so. There’s another Cethan Leahy story in the planning stages, whether or not we’re going ahead of this is still unclear since Aidawho and Patchy have been very busy with their college courses of late but as part of their course work they’ll be creating their own videos. There will be another music video from Aidawho and as for Patchy, he’s making a film about light bulbs although I’m not too sure what his role in the production is.

I’ve just ordered some audio recording equipment from ebay so I’ll be doing some foley work in the next few weeks and perhaps put together a little audio story or two and see how it goes. Piratehelm is currently working so she won’t have too much time in her hands. So I predict after Milton Murder Mystery is released there won’t be another Gifted Babies production for at least another 3 or 4 months which may or may not be a detective story …. with a twist.

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On October 9th, 2008 college students from many colleges in Munster gathered to the streets of Cork to protest the Governments planned reintroduction of colleges fees. According to some sources more than 6,000 students attended the event.

[Vimeo 2357064]

The event was shot with a Canon GL2 I just bought recently, aside from random test shots this would be the first proper footage taken with the camera. The stabilizer feature is pretty good, you may have noticed that I started to handle the camera like I was playing with a maraca, my arm was seriously killing me after an hour of holding it at my eye level so I’ve now added a camera shoulder rest in my Christmas wishlist. What I have learnt from the camera is that footage shot in mild weather can look dull and fairly unfocused at times. It was nice to have been able work with progressive scan footage as opposed to usual interlaced content that I had to work with for the past year, because of this, it took considerably less time to render the project and less time fidgeting with deinterlacing parameters to get the best results. The video also demonstrates the cameras 20x Optical Zoom feature which is pretty damn good in my humble opinion.

Other than that I suppose college fees are bad for those who can’t afford it.

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