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We’ve had a lengthy 3 day shoot last weekend that left most of us drained of all energy by Sunday evening but the good news is that we’re well on our way to completing the film thanks to the fantastic work put in by the crew. I’m aiming to have the principle photography finished by the beginning of October and complete Post Production by the end of October or early November.

Now for some screens:

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Decided to create a Facebook page for the film where I’ll be posting news and media specific to the film there as well as here.


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I should have updated the site sooner but better late than never as they say. Memoirs of a Cat Burglar is well into production at the moment.  This would mark Milton’s fifth outing in a Gifted Babies production ( including two abandoned projects ) and his first outing where he doesn’t kill someone. We had begun shooting since the end of July and are hoping the get the principle photography completed before the end of September, so far the shoots have been a great experience. Memoirs of a Cat Burglar tells the story of one man, Klaus Sharpe ( played by Fabian Sweeney ), who documents his struggles with life as he occasionally turns into a feline kleptomaniac whenever the opportunity to steal something presents itself.

Depending on the final product and the reception it receives, there may be more parts/sequels being made based on this character. I will post more updates on our progress as the production continues.

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