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It’s the fourth shooting day, production proved a little bit difficult due to most of the cast being unavailable on that day so we filmed what we could, which was the starting scene. As ever when we’re shooting out on Pope’s Quay, we get a lot of strange looks from residents and passerbys, this time their reason to be scared was due to the amount of clothes that was being thrown out onto the street from the balcony, it was like the sky was falling. Footage looked pretty good in the end and our director seemed pleased.

Piratehelm seems well intent on getting the film done by July 1st which is the deadline for short entries into the Cork Film Festival. Although with filming on hold for a month due to College related activities that some of the cast and crew are encumbered by, this would only leave us with a week of May and the entire month of June to get the filming wrapped up and the post production finished in time for the deadline.

And we all love deadlines.

Fabien Sweeney as the quicktalking detective Tom Havenbrook

Fabien Sweeney as the quicktalking detective Tom Havenbrook

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Recently I decided to dust off my old editing material I worked with for last year’s True Love Leaves No Traces and decided to rework the soundtrack to include the music of dead artists to avoid any copyright troubles when it comes to submitting it to the Corona Fastnet Film Festival. Although the recordings used in the new version may or may not be in the public domain, suffice to say it’s difficult to notice copyright infringement from classical recordings than it is from music that’s made by artists who are still alive or have died within the last 70 years or so. You can watch that version from this link. I’ve made some minor visual tweaks to the film as a result that Black and White scene looks a lot better.

I also took the liberty of extracting some extended scenes from the raw footage. To keep things short and sweet I only took three scenes labelled “It’s like an orgasm in a cup”, “Relish?” and “Have you seen that video?”. One of them had to be shortened because of the subject matter and another just for pacing reasons. Without further ado here are the three extended scenes some of which contains foul language … my word.

We tend to make up the strangest lines when we don’t use scripts.

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Yes you heard me! It’s up at last, it’s been a month or so since Part 1 was uploaded so it’s about bloody time too. Slightly shorter in length then Part 1, I decided to stop at a certain point to keep the pacing of the third part consistant, it could be several weeks before I get the third and final part done and maybe another month will be needed to complete the 30 minute version. As I said before, I welcome any type of feedback of Part 2 since the film is still being worked on. Just so you know I’m already aware of some of the audio issues 😦

Not much else to say really aside from looking forward to getting Part 3 finished, this is where you’ll get to see some of  Cethan’s finest acting. Not to give too much away but what he can do with a plastic bag is simply awe inspiring stuff.

Here’s a small clip

And the link to Part 2 can be accessed from here ( video is now set to private, watch the full film instead )

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This years Fastnet Film Festival will be held in Schull between the 14th and 17th of May, it’s kind of exciting for us because three of the accepted submissions were films that all of us had some involvement in. First being “The Bottle”, co-directed by Piratehelm, written by Gemma McCarthy and Fiona Riordan, and edited by James Sullivan, the film is a simple tale about lost love and found bottles. The second film to be accepted is “True Love Leaves No Traces” directed by me, the role of the main titular male lead is also played by me, written and edited by me, the voice of Milton provided by me, I suppose the film was chosen because they liked me, they really really liked me. The third but not least, “Trippers Through Time“, the film that propelled Cethan Leahy into the limelight and sealed his fate in the film industry, it was directed by him, he also starred, written and even narrated it, so they must have liked him too. “Trippers Through Time” was already shown in the Bangor Film Festival ’08 but sadly did not bring back anything to Ireland, the winning Bangor films can be viewed from this link.

Details about the festival can be found here.

As for prizes we can try win can be found here. It would be nice to win something for once 🙂

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Unfortunately they invariably end up in the cutting room floor due to the fact that they have utterly nothing to do with the film whatsoever or end up heavily edited down for the sake of keeping the integrity of the film. We literally have hours of footage cumulated over the past year and a half since we kick started this hobby back in ’07. It would seem such a shame to simply throw them away and forget about them.

Fret not! For there is another way to display these clips. What you’re about to see is a simple collection of two outtakes from The Undead Wore Red which features one of those classic Piratehelm moments when she’s behind camera. This will hopefully start off a new series of short clips that have captured the random goings on of your typical Gifted Babies production that both our viewers ( hi Mum! )  have missed out on upon earlier viewings.


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