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Oh my has it gotten dusty here. I’ve been so busy working on the photoblog lately that I’ve forgotten that I was still had this site to update 😛 Production had started on a new film called ‘Pencil’ back in October but stalled halfway through. ‘Beast of Bath’ was already 80% recorded but very little has been animated , I’m quite tempted to edit it together and simply release it as a small radio play. ‘Cat Burglar: Episode Two’ is still in the pipeline but I’m promising myself that I would work on non-Milton film first before I work on the next one.

I’ve been throwing a few ideas around the place for the past few months and it’s difficult getting the old gang together with the current schedules we have, as well as shooting a film that was less of a logistical nightmare that the Cat Burglar was. So I have put together a list of criteria to avoid some of these complications:

  • The film must be shot inside the apartment
  • The film must not have more than 2 characters on screen at the same time
  • The film cannot be too ambitious in scope
  • The film cannot contain any puppets whatsoever
  • The film cannot be longer than 15 minutes

Wish me luck 🙂

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