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The Undead Wear Red

The premiere of our new production went down a treat on the night of the 15th. It was a close call as we were still converting the film to DVD format at 9.00 and the premiere was at 9.30 but somehow we made it thanks to James aka finitemonkeys phew! Hopefully it will be as well received here as it was initially. Sorry about the glitches in production after all it  had almost no budget 😛 (bar the catering) We will be attempting a new production soon enough!

The Undead  might be submitted to a few competitions in the meantime!



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July News

Production of  The Undead Wear Red has finally wrapped up since the 26th of July and is currently undergoing the post production process. The aimed release date is August 15th. Best of luck to James O’Sullivan who’s diligently editing the film as I type this blog post.

An additional 2 minute scene for Milton Murder Mystery has been shot by myself and Cethan on the 25th July, I finished the last few shots one my own today and oddly enough it was fun. I constructed a small set using a card board box from the coffee machine I bought recently, placed some props around it to dress it up a bit and then put the star of the show inside the box. This additional scene is really just an additional ending for the film rather than a complete reshoot, it ends at a slightly  different note than the initial ending but at least the film finishes with a one liner coined by the master of one liners, Mr Cethan Leahy. Also the footage does look noticeably different given that we’ve used a superior camera to shoot the scenes and also a tripod for 90% of the shots ( MMM footage was 97% handheld ). The aimed release date is the 19th of August, though in all likelihood it will be slightly later but before the end of August. That’s 14 months since we started shooting the film.

Update! I’m delaying the release of MMM to an unspecified date since it’s too soon after the premier of The Undead Wear Red .

Small set built for Milton Murder Mystery

Small set built for Milton Murder Mystery

Other news, Pre-Production has begun for the next Christmas Special! Cethan has a rough outline already written. It’s too early to tell if Cork will have another White Christmas 🙂 A Halloween special is also in the works, I’m writing this one, it’s currently titled WWW ( Who Watches the Witches ) while the story is relatively simple ( Trick or Treat session gone wrong ) it will probably require costumes, props, sets and CGI. It’s slightly more ambitious than Let The Sleeping Cat Lie so the likelihood of it getting made is fairly slim.

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