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June 2011 News

I’ve renewed the address for another year, can’t say for how long we’re going to keep the name but we do intend on maintaining a small repository of strange films we’ve made for the past few years :).

I’ve been keeping somewhat of a low profile on this website, the last film, Cat Burglar, took a lot out of me throughout all the production steps, so I’ve felt I took a somewhat well deserved break after all that. Well, it looks like that break is over, my does time fly. I’ve already started working on the script for a new film tentatively titled “If you go down to the woods today”, a take on Grimm Fairy tales with bit of an Oirish twist. I’m aiming it to have a running length of at least 12 minutes, at most 14.

It’s going to be somewhat less ambitious than previous films we made, Flipping Channels and Cat Burglar being prime examples, but the aim of this film is to focus not only on cohesive storytelling but also improved filming discipline. We’ve actually formed a bad habit of spending the majority of preproduction on writing rather than practice rehearsals, storyboarding and scheduling. I also hope to have a larger undertaking of the project, I will possibly announce something within the next month or so.

Getting tired now from writing this post. will write something later …

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