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Thought I might experiment with Blender’s Camera Mapping technique that I watched from one of the video tutorials made by Peerless Productions. The link to the video tutorial can be found here . The Blender wiki tutorial can be found here. As explained by these lads, Blender doesn’t feature proper Camera Mapping features available on other 3D modelling tools like 3DSMax and Maya, instead you have to use sticky textures to map an image onto 3D objects in a way to match the perspective of the image and the 3D scene or object. Or something like that.

The top image I took from the rooftop of the Car Park in North Main Street. The bottom image is my attempt at re-creating the environment in 3D using the image as a reference in Blender.

Photo of Coal Quay and one of the North Main side streets


With a rough 3D representation of the elements inside the image I then mapped the image onto the 3D scene through the 3D Camera perspective. After animating the camera movement and rendering the output, I got this result.

Aside from the obvious artefacts, the effect looks pretty good. The process itself can take quite a while but I find the results seem to pay off in the end. We’re definitely using it as an FX shot in the upcoming Cork Christmas Carol.

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