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June ’09 News

Been a long time, comrade. Anyway, not much news to report these past few weeks since most of us are either busy with exams, work and host of other misadventures. I’ve recently recieved an email from the Dingle Film Festival informing us that they haven’t selected True Love Leaves No Traces for the festival. This years festival is featuring Comedy as the main theme which is ironic given that I didn’t find the email funny at all.

The Undead Wore Red is still in production, editing has already started by the editing veteran James O’Sullivan who at the time of writing is parading through the streets of Cork declaring that today celebrates the 26th anniversary of the day he first displayed his naked bloody for the whole world to see what Corkonions are truly made of, placenta and all. Judging by the rumours it’s a proud tradition that he still practices every year. Happy Birthday James!

On other news I have gone back to editing Milton Murder Mystery Part 3 which is going well beyond the intended completion date of “End of  2008” , I’m not going to come up with any estimates about when I’m going to get the third part done exactly but I can guarantee it won’t be tomorrow that’s for sure! What I can come up with are excuses and lots of them, like right now, I should be editing but I can’t. Why? Because I have work tomorrow and don’t even have to time to write stuff on the internet.

The final bit of news concerns the recent competition put out by the lads at Mutant Shorts , basically the competition runs like any other 24 / 48 hour competition, you’re given a theme and have a limited amount of time to make a film. In this case, for about a week. In the end we got nothing filmed, reason? Well my excuse is that I have to work on weekdays and I don’t even have the time to write stuff on the internet. The theme this year was “in between spaces”. Cethan took a stab at writing something but didn’t get it done till Saturday morning which at that point we pretty much  gave up on the whole idea of making it. His script ended up being called the Missing Milton Mystery , which I will now proudly post up on this blog with Cethan’s permission.

Missing Milton Mystery –  The First Draft

Man walks into his apartment. holding a tin of cat food. He hears meowing.

Man: Ah Milton, I have that Cat food we like.
He looks around. He can’t see Milton but he can hear him. Concerned, he looks around, calling Milton’s name. He checks each room. he open drawers, boxes, the fridge the works. All the while, Milton is heard. Suddenly he stops the search.
Man: Milton, Milton, Milton…
No Response
Man: Marco?
Milton: Meow!
Using Marco Polo, Man locates the cat to the radiator. He sees a tail.
Man: Milton! How did you get stuck between that space?
Milton: Meow!
Man: I told you, to leave that mouse alone. He did nothing to you.
Milton: Meow.
Man:Right, I’ll get you out…
Man leaves and returns with cooking tongs. He tries to reach in and grab Milton. Gets stuck and slides in.
Man: Mm Cat got my Tongs.

Man grabs phone book.

Man: mm do I ring a plumber or a vet?

Neighbour knocks on door. She is holding a glass of water.

Neighbour: Sir, Do you see this glass?

Man: You glassed the sea?

Neighbour: Look Smartbuttom, there is a cat hair in it. Your cat hair.

Man: Milton is in the pipes!

Man runs to tap and turns it on. It is blocked suddenly clunks. Milton in the sink.

Milton: Meow

Man: Oh Milton, There is no sinking feeling when you are around.

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