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1. The story revolves around a mid film reveal of a seemingly friendly cat named Milton…

2. A strict 1pm start. Harsh but we could lose daylight.

3. In the event of someone’s death, it will be Piratehelm.

4. The following words will lead to distractions. “Pancakes”, “tea”, “Cethan” (esp. when combined with a popular phrase), “Ace”, “To”, and “Base” .

5. There are reshoots.

6. There will be groans immediately following mention of reshoots.

7. Random outburst of singing. This been a popular choice,

8: Editing fixes everything

9: Nobody uses a script

10: The film crew display symptoms of ADHD ( that goes for the director as well )

11: Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!

12: The phrase “don’t worry, we can dub over it” is used frequently

13: You are eating every half hour at someone else’s house

14: When you make Jan grumpy. (This most typically comes at round 11pm, when tiredness and giddiness have settled in the crew’s minds)

15: There is swearing to beat Jesus.

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