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Bought a neat tripod from the Sony shop in Patrick Street, it’s a Hahnel Triad 50 in case anyone was wondering. I’m no expert with tripods but suggesting from the prices of tripods with similar builds I’ve seen in camera shops, it’s pretty much a steal with a price tag of 60 Euros. It’s a great replacement for the other yoke I used for the past 4 years, which was fine to use with my digital camera but not with a prosumer camcorder which would be the equivalent to horse riding a cat. So expect smooth panning shots in CCC, if there is gonna be any. I have a feeling our shoot will become 17% percent easier with it.

I’ve been running around Cork again taking pictures of the city with Tom’s Finepix camera and some of the photos have turned out really well.

You’ll be seeing the images in the title sequence and used to depict areas in Cork featuring snow. Speaking of which, I’m working on the snow animation at the moment. There is already a useful method of adding snow to a scene but snowfall is a different matter. I’m coming across a few interesting obstacles that I’m working on at the moment such as object occlusion, hopefully I’ll have it figured out shortly before the principle photography is completed. We’re going to cut down on the Special FX due to time constraints, so I’m leaving Camera Mapping out of this, I took a few snaps of Cork City from Shandon tower but it’s far too tedious to map out every object in 3D with these images, though I might look into it again in the not too distant future.

Shooting is starting very soon, we’ve already made some changes to the script and because of time constraints we’ve cut some parts of out of the script yet maintaining the crux of the story. The first thing we’re going to shoot is the 2nd scene which starts off with a story transition from the miser to another person whom we follow for the rest of the story. My next post will be about that shoot so check back in 24 hours.

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