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As stated from the blog post made on the 23rd December, a re-edited version of the Cork Christmas Carol would be released. Here’s the embed link:


  • A new narration was recorded. It was an attempt at a Brian Blessed impersonation gone Patrick Stewart.
  • Re-edited title sequence, shortened and doesn’t feature “The Gifted Babies proudly present”, added new credits.
  • Improved audio mixing, music volume is lowered in some parts, new sounds are added and the audio in some parts of the film have been run through a denoise filter.
  • Video now displays at the correct aspect ratio ( 16:9 )
  • Added blur filter, contrast adjustments and a denoise filter ( Mplayer’s hqdn3d ) on some parts of the footage.
  • Added end credits and slapped a Creative Common License at the end.
  • Added a new snow matte ( North Main Street ) as well as made adjustments to enlarge the projected area of the other snow mattes.
  • Fake High Definition video, enlarged to 1280*720 using Lanczos formula.
  • Lengthened ending snowfall animation.
  • The fact that I edited the film is only mentioned once.

Does this greatly improve the experience of the film? Course not, these can be viewed as minor adjustments that I had to overlook prior to releasing the first edition due to timing constraints. After all who would release a Christmas film in early January? Unfortunately in the editing process, there’s no such thing as a quick polish ( the action itself, not people from Poland ).

3rd edition coming out in for the 25th Anniversary in 2033, in this version Wesley Whines will shoot first.

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