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September / October News

I’ve went ahead and made some slight changes/improvements to the Milton Murder Mystery. Depending on your attention to detail, some are noticeable and some not. Here are the list of changes you can keep in mind while you watch the film again and relive some of those glorious moments:

  • A whopping 12 seconds of additional ear gouging Music.
  • Libavcodec’s Deinterlacer in Blend Mode was used to render the film footage  in Progressive Scan. Looks twice as good as Lord of the Rings except with only half the colour.
  • New closing credits with never before seen outtakes to waste a another 4 minutes of your time ^_^ .
  • Extended one shot by 2 seconds for personal reasons.
  • Music is better synchronized to the visuals, it’s now the equivalent to making love.

Other news:

We’ve submitted Cork Christmas Carol and True Love Leaves No Traces to this years Cork Film Festival, still no word from whether or not they’ve been accepted.

Also we’ll be submitting several films to the Cinemagic Young Filmmakers Competition. Glad to see that our age and youthfulness hasn’t become something of a hindrance to us yet.

Finally there seems to be a fair few scripts in the works with a certain air of magic in them, starting off with Piratehelm who has recently finished writing Witches Brew . Cethan has finished the first drafts for two short films, one that is specifically written for the latest Mutant Space competition called Mutant Rooms where a film has to be shot entirely in one room, in this case it’s the kitchen. The other is called The Christmas Proposal , specifically written for the next Gifted Babies Christmas special. I’m currently working on A Kind of Magic ( the first non-Milton film I’ve written in a while ) and Who Watches the Witches ( Milton’s third outing ) which will hopefully be in production early next year.

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