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Introducing a film that adds another entry in Cethan Leahy’s list of screenwriting and directing credits, Hardly Fairest was shot on the 14th of March with the newly purchased Canon 7D and is currently well under way in Post Production. So far it’s looking pretty good. It took at least 4 hours to shoot the film, those who have seen First A Dream may notice an air of familiarity in the location used for this film. We’re aiming to get the film fully edited before the 28th and have it submitted shortly before the deadline of this years Fastnet Film Festival located in Schull, West Cork. It’s not known when exactly we’re going to post the film online however, since we’re planning on submitting the film to other festivals in the coming few months we’re going to take into consideration that they might not be willing to accept it if it’s already available online.

Production methods used for this film have changed somewhat over the previous films, not only are we working with a new camera but with a new PC with specifications that will remain pretty decent for at least 6 months until some mobile phone gets introduced into the market that will trounce the new PC in terms of performance. The majority of the editing is now carried out by Kdenlive for the time being since the current versions of Cinelerra ( 2.1 and 4.1 ) are proving to be quiet unreliable when working with the 7D footage. Also props created from scratch by Cethan were used in the making of this film and they look great, hopefully this will start some sort of trend in future productions.

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