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April News

Pre-production work has started for two new Gifted Babies productions, one titled “Flipping Channels” written by Cethan specifically for Mutant Shorts: Mutant Rooms 2 competition where a film must be set in a living room. Quite a lot of work needs to be done to meet the requirements of the script which will hopefully be discussed in greater once production starts sometime next week. Fiona Riordan will be directing the up and coming short film, once again we will be shooting with the new 7D.

Cethan and Fiona at the Flipping Channels Pre-Production meeting

The other film is a new Miltonium adventure currently being written by myself and Cethan. The pieces are slowly being put together for the film but the need for extensive work to be done to the script has never been made more apparent by the presence of paragraphs significant to moving the story along that read out like this:

“They go to the kitchen to have a conversation. The dialogue uttered here is phenomenal. Later that day …”

Currently the production target is set to June. Hopefully it will be finished in 2012 the end of the summer. The following photo should give a hint as to what one should expect from this film …

... more puppets!

With regards to Hardly Fairest, there is no official confirmation that the film will be shown in the Fastnet Film Festival but since we got the invitation to the program launch they hosted in the Bodega last week, it’s probably enough to say that it has been accepted 🙂

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