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October News

Just after coming back from the Cork Film Festival Programme Launch, got a free Corona, grabbed some grub, talked to handful of people that I knew from last years festival, graciously accepted the Programme when they started handing them out and then headed home. Unfortunately neither True Love Leaves No Traces or Cork Christmas Carol were accepted for the Made In Cork screenings. Better luck next year I suppose.

A small group of us held a meeting last week to discuss about Storyland 2 . This year the idea revolves around a startup band called Frostbite who try to make it big in Cork’s music scene, it also features a love quadrangle. James Sullivan wrote the script and it seems to be pretty good, although it would be hard to not make it bear some similarities to Flight of the Conchords or Spinal Tap. We have about a week left to get everything submitted, curious to see if we’ll manage it this time round.

Not sure if anyone noticed but I replaced the History page on the top bar with a Films page, which contains a much needed presentation for each film we made since the group formed. It’s a nice little addition to the site, hoping to apply some similar changes to the other pages as well. Also created a new Vimeo channel called “The Gifted Babies Channel”, now it’s much nicer to navigate through our Vimeo library. Here’s the link.

Work on the next film, a Cethan Leahy project, is due to begin early next month. Will provide updates by then.

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