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I decided to sit down with Cethan last night to start the ignition for the next film starring that furry little wonder, Milton. With two laptops on the table, plate full of waffles, several cups of tea and an opened bottle of Sherry we loaded up a shared Google document to shape our next film.

The film is currently being rewritten from scratch, we’re using the treatment that I had written two months prior as a story guideline, thankfully it’s preventing us from writing ourselves into any corners. Cethan is doing a fantastic job with the dialogue, not much was kept from the treatment but then again dialogue is not one of my strongest suits. There are a lot more subtle nuances thrown into film as well and minor characters now seem more interesting.

So far the collaborative process of writing a script through Google docs has worked fantastically well, as a result being able to write and edit the same document at the same time we managed to produce 4 scenes in the space of two hours. At this pace we hope to get the first draft done by the end of the week if not by Monday.

Other news, Flipping Channels has won the 3rd Mutant Shorts film competition, a big thanks to everyone involved in the film to make it possible. I noticed that the version that was screened at the event had some audio and video compression issues, these should be fixed by the time the film is uploaded to the site within the next two weeks.

Powered by waffles and a bottle of Sherry, Cethan immediately gets working on the new script

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So what’s next in store?

Nothing much actually, the Milton Murder Mystery will probably be out give or take in 2 weeks, I’ll write up a post about the troubled production in the coming week or so. There’s another Cethan Leahy story in the planning stages, whether or not we’re going ahead of this is still unclear since Aidawho and Patchy have been very busy with their college courses of late but as part of their course work they’ll be creating their own videos. There will be another music video from Aidawho and as for Patchy, he’s making a film about light bulbs although I’m not too sure what his role in the production is.

I’ve just ordered some audio recording equipment from ebay so I’ll be doing some foley work in the next few weeks and perhaps put together a little audio story or two and see how it goes. Piratehelm is currently working so she won’t have too much time in her hands. So I predict after Milton Murder Mystery is released there won’t be another Gifted Babies production for at least another 3 or 4 months which may or may not be a detective story …. with a twist.

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