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On October 9th, 2008 college students from many colleges in Munster gathered to the streets of Cork to protest the Governments planned reintroduction of colleges fees. According to some sources more than 6,000 students attended the event.

[Vimeo 2357064]

The event was shot with a Canon GL2 I just bought recently, aside from random test shots this would be the first proper footage taken with the camera. The stabilizer feature is pretty good, you may have noticed that I started to handle the camera like I was playing with a maraca, my arm was seriously killing me after an hour of holding it at my eye level so I’ve now added a camera shoulder rest in my Christmas wishlist. What I have learnt from the camera is that footage shot in mild weather can look dull and fairly unfocused at times. It was nice to have been able work with progressive scan footage as opposed to usual interlaced content that I had to work with for the past year, because of this, it took considerably less time to render the project and less time fidgeting with deinterlacing parameters to get the best results. The video also demonstrates the cameras 20x Optical Zoom feature which is pretty damn good in my humble opinion.

Other than that I suppose college fees are bad for those who can’t afford it.

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