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RIP Hitachi DZ-MV750E DVD camcorder 2005 – 2008

Not that it's broken or anything, I just refuse to buy more Mini-DVDs

Not that it's broken, it's just that I'm no longer going to buy Mini-DVDs for it

It’s like that scene from Old Yeller. I’ve never seen the film but I heard about what happens in the end, turns out Bruce Willis’s character was the ghost of Kaiser Sosay. But that has got nothing to do with the topic, despite what Cethan may suggest in the comments section. Anyway, after shooting the last few scenes for the second Milton film on Thursday night, I pretty much used the last blank mini-DVD that I’ve been able to find from a pile of computer accessories I intend on giving away for charity with an attached price tag. I’ve had this Hitachi DZ-MV750E DVD camcorder for 3 years now but it was only since last year that I started using it for making films. I used it the year before to film a Dramat play but that turned out to be a pointless endeavour, as I had too much college work to do & Dramat never bothered chasing after me to get the stuff edited. The play was quite shite. Anyway, my dad bought it for me when he was flying back from Australia in 2005, he picked it up from Singapore Airport for something like €250 so back then it was a pretty good price and as far as I can remember DVD cameras were a lot more popular back then, nowadays people just spend their money on flavoured condoms.

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