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Flipping Channels, which we hope to submit to Mutantspace’s second short film competition, has now begun principle photography. Filming took place largely at the apartment with myself as camera operator, Cethan as the male lead and Fiona as the director. We had spent more time getting adjusted to the new setup we began using today which included the new dolly mount, a camera jib and the laptop that displayed a live video feed coming from the camera and also was mounted to the tripod.

Although the amount of time we invested in the new equipment to function properly took up a large part of the 5 hour filming session, it was well worth it for the sake of  producing some pretty cool panning shots . On the same day we also scouted some potential filming locations at the Camdem Palace in Patricks Quay, we hope to be shooting key elements of the film there next weeks. It will be busy few weeks but we hope to get the film done before the competition deadline on the 4th of June. Once it’s finished and shown at the Mutantspace screening night, I’ll post the film here afterwards. Now for some snaps:

If you’re good with observation you would have spotted the Christmas garland on the top left corner of that pic above.

Other news, we’ll be attending the screening of Hardly Fairest at the Fastnet Film Festival that is running in Schull by the end of the month. Should be fun.

Pre-production work is well underway for Milton 3, the script has entered into 2nd draft stage but I should have it finished by the end of this month. Hoping to start preparations for principle photography by mid June.

– Jan

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