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Shoot yesterday too a little longer than expected since we had only 4 small scenes to shoot we weren’t expecting it to last 4 hours but it is coming together nicely. Time flies I suppose. A crew of 4 this time around, we’ve had Piratehelm joining us to assist in make-up and set design. Thankfully the weather remained the same as it was two weeks ago which will help to keep up the consistency. Saying that, it will interesting to see how these new scenes will blend in with the earlier footage since Cethan shaved the beard off specifically for the shoot.

We used the jib again to shoot these scenes, which worked perfectly since we managed to shoot at some really good angles despite the fact that the crammed environment made the process difficult to manage. We’ve also had to wrestle with environmental lighting, given the time of day and the weather we were having, it was the background lighting that had the bad habit of silhouetting our actor . In the end this was fixed using a combination of carefully angled shots and a 100 Watt light bulb.

We hope to be finished filming this Tuesday, followed by the post production process and the insert shooting.

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