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Happy to announce that “Beast of Bath” won first prize at the Signal Film Festival.

As a result the film will be screened on TV3 on June 27th, 11 PM.


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Here’s a quick and simple test using After Effects roto brush to remove my arm. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of this walking glove in the final film …

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Get your chance to catch a screening of “The Beast of Bath” if you happen to be around Dublin on the 25th of March. The event is called Shortstuff, which is a short film screening night to help raise funds for the postproduction work for ”The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann”.

It’s running upstairs in The Grand Social on Monday the 25th of March, 8 euro entry. More info from the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/130177850497854/?ref=3

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This is pretty cool. An Irish Times blog post discussed the latest Bell Jar book cover and hand picked Cethan’s contribution to the parody, mentioning that he is also the writer of the “sly Irish short Flipping Channels”. Here it is, in all its glory:

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We’ve just recently finished writing the first draft of ‘Dump’ and added Fabian Sweeney to the writing team. A considerable amount of time has been put into discussing and improving every aspect of the original script treatment in order to make it work, with Fabian’s input we’ve ended up being a lot closer to having a solid script!

In the meantime a lot still needs to be done, new equipment is being purchased, storyboards still need to be finished, many test shots need to be taken and we’ve have yet to finalise the cast but all in all it’s looking pretty good so far!

– Jan

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Happy to announce that a new film is in the works:

I’m keeping somewhat tight lipped about the story, a certain wise cracking feline may or may not make an appearance. We’ve finished the first rough draft and still need to write proper dialogue and rework some scenes, I’ve already started storyboarding on those . If it all goes well, production will start as soon as next month.

“You Know The Words” is still in post production, it’s looking good so far but there is still a lot of work to do.

At some point in the past month, we were exploring the possibility of making a Christmas film. Cethan had come up with an excellent twist to the joyous occasion but it looks like we’re might be going to attempt filming it for next year.

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Happy to announce that shooting has finished for a new Cethan Leahy film titled “You Know The Words” which tells the story of a trendy young couple who discover a haunted record. Shooting started from 10 am and completed around 7:30 PM, we did fantastically well on time and pretty much had all the shots we need. We rented Light Equipment this time around, a first, and also had 2 Canon 550D’s and one Canon 7D to fulfill our multi-angle set up.

The film is kicking straight into Post Production with myself donning the Editor’s Hat once again.


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Pencil has finished Principle Photography and now it’s going straight to Post Production. We’ve actually started it last October but the project got hold due to availability issues, I was glad we managed to pick it up 6 months later and finish the remaining scenes. Watch this space!


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