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Looks like things have been pretty quiet on the site for the past while, ‘You Know the Words‘ is still in post production limbo but with Fastnet Film Festival’s Call For Entries starting soon I’m hoping to finish it just in time before the deadline closes.

Dump‘ is still in Pre-Production phase, I’m still working on the storyboards which is helping to flesh out a lot of details in the script. Here’s a quick screencap of how some of them are looking:

Dump Storyboard Snapshot

We’ve also re-recorded ‘Beast of Bath‘, we brought two actors Cathal O’Donovan and Sarah Maloney to record dialogue at a professional recording studio ( my living room ).

Recording Beast of Bath

As opposed to making an animation, we’re naturally going to go with a diorama instead. Here’s some test footage we’ve prepped up for it.

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Editing You Know the Words is still ongoing but I’ve reached the important milestone of finally getting around to finishing the opening credit music and adding it to the edit. The film is now likely going to have a running time of about 7 to 7:30 minutes, with the juxtaposition of cuts being almost finished, the next large portion of work will go into audio work and grading. So far it’s looking pretty good but there is still tonnes left more to do.
– Jan

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Happy to announce that a new film is in the works:

I’m keeping somewhat tight lipped about the story, a certain wise cracking feline may or may not make an appearance. We’ve finished the first rough draft and still need to write proper dialogue and rework some scenes, I’ve already started storyboarding on those . If it all goes well, production will start as soon as next month.

“You Know The Words” is still in post production, it’s looking good so far but there is still a lot of work to do.

At some point in the past month, we were exploring the possibility of making a Christmas film. Cethan had come up with an excellent twist to the joyous occasion but it looks like we’re might be going to attempt filming it for next year.

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