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Looks like things have been pretty quiet on the site for the past while, ‘You Know the Words‘ is still in post production limbo but with Fastnet Film Festival’s Call For Entries starting soon I’m hoping to finish it just in time before the deadline closes.

Dump‘ is still in Pre-Production phase, I’m still working on the storyboards which is helping to flesh out a lot of details in the script. Here’s a quick screencap of how some of them are looking:

Dump Storyboard Snapshot

We’ve also re-recorded ‘Beast of Bath‘, we brought two actors Cathal O’Donovan and Sarah Maloney to record dialogue at a professional recording studio ( my living room ).

Recording Beast of Bath

As opposed to making an animation, we’re naturally going to go with a diorama instead. Here’s some test footage we’ve prepped up for it.

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Editing You Know the Words is still ongoing but I’ve reached the important milestone of finally getting around to finishing the opening credit music and adding it to the edit. The film is now likely going to have a running time of about 7 to 7:30 minutes, with the juxtaposition of cuts being almost finished, the next large portion of work will go into audio work and grading. So far it’s looking pretty good but there is still tonnes left more to do.
– Jan

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We’ve just recently finished writing the first draft of ‘Dump’ and added Fabian Sweeney to the writing team. A considerable amount of time has been put into discussing and improving every aspect of the original script treatment in order to make it work, with Fabian’s input we’ve ended up being a lot closer to having a solid script!

In the meantime a lot still needs to be done, new equipment is being purchased, storyboards still need to be finished, many test shots need to be taken and we’ve have yet to finalise the cast but all in all it’s looking pretty good so far!

– Jan

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I’ve recently invested in a Wacom tablet for the purpose of storyboarding films and just doodling around for fun. The script is still being worked on but that doesn’t stop me from storyboarding some scenes. Production could either start in November or December depending how confident we are with the script. Anyway, here are two relatively spoiler free sketches of ‘Dump’:

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I decided to sit down with Cethan last night to start the ignition for the next film starring that furry little wonder, Milton. With two laptops on the table, plate full of waffles, several cups of tea and an opened bottle of Sherry we loaded up a shared Google document to shape our next film.

The film is currently being rewritten from scratch, we’re using the treatment that I had written two months prior as a story guideline, thankfully it’s preventing us from writing ourselves into any corners. Cethan is doing a fantastic job with the dialogue, not much was kept from the treatment but then again dialogue is not one of my strongest suits. There are a lot more subtle nuances thrown into film as well and minor characters now seem more interesting.

So far the collaborative process of writing a script through Google docs has worked fantastically well, as a result being able to write and edit the same document at the same time we managed to produce 4 scenes in the space of two hours. At this pace we hope to get the first draft done by the end of the week if not by Monday.

Other news, Flipping Channels has won the 3rd Mutant Shorts film competition, a big thanks to everyone involved in the film to make it possible. I noticed that the version that was screened at the event had some audio and video compression issues, these should be fixed by the time the film is uploaded to the site within the next two weeks.

Powered by waffles and a bottle of Sherry, Cethan immediately gets working on the new script

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And here it is in all its glory.

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And it’s a wrap. We just finished the opening scene now it’s a simple matter of condensing two hours of footage into a 5 minute film for the next two days. Oh the joy.itsawrap1

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So slightly later than planned we first started the principle photography with actors on the 18th as opposed to the 17th, as one of our actors was unavailable at the time. So 18th the shoot went fairly well, we’ve decided to start straight into the middle of the film which proved to be an interesting experience because it required us to shoot an eating scene, as film making is a much slower process than cooking unfortunately. So imagine the rigorous torture for the three very hungry actors who weren’t allowed to eat or about an hour just because all that food had to be set up and used as props for film. An important lesson was learnt that day, never ever put the catering into film.

So the shoot started roughly from seven and finished at one in the morning but we still need to get back and add a few more little scenes. I was glad we got to use the cheap clapper board we bought the week before, not becuase it adds to the production value but it’s highly amusing to watch in editing :). Unfortunately we didn’t have the clapper board for the shoot for the following day. Today’s shoot was the final scene of the film, because Cethan’s house isn’t as brightly lit in some parts there’s quite a bit of grain added to the footage as well as flicker, it’s an unfortunate short coming with the Canon GL2. Thankfully the scene was short enough and two of the actors had to leave early enough so we managed to complete the shoot before they had to leave and we were done earlier than usual.

So that leaves the film largely done, we’re aiming to get some of Cethan’s scenes shot in the streets of Cork tomorrow and then wrap up on Sunday ( 21st ) followed by 2 or 3 days of editing though not quite as intense as the other project because I’m pretty sure I don’t have to catch much in editing. We’re well on way to having it done by the 23rd it seems.

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