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Yes you heard me! It’s up at last, it’s been a month or so since Part 1 was uploaded so it’s about bloody time too. Slightly shorter in length then Part 1, I decided to stop at a certain point to keep the pacing of the third part consistant, it could be several weeks before I get the third and final part done and maybe another month will be needed to complete the 30 minute version. As I said before, I welcome any type of feedback of Part 2 since the film is still being worked on. Just so you know I’m already aware of some of the audio issues 😦

Not much else to say really aside from looking forward to getting Part 3 finished, this is where you’ll get to see some of  Cethan’s finest acting. Not to give too much away but what he can do with a plastic bag is simply awe inspiring stuff.

Here’s a small clip

And the link to Part 2 can be accessed from here ( video is now set to private, watch the full film instead )

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