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This years Fastnet Film Festival will be held in Schull between the 14th and 17th of May, it’s kind of exciting for us because three of the accepted submissions were films that all of us had some involvement in. First being “The Bottle”, co-directed by Piratehelm, written by Gemma McCarthy and Fiona Riordan, and edited by James Sullivan, the film is a simple tale about lost love and found bottles. The second film to be accepted is “True Love Leaves No Traces” directed by me, the role of the main titular male lead is also played by me, written and edited by me, the voice of Milton provided by me, I suppose the film was chosen because they liked me, they really really liked me. The third but not least, “Trippers Through Time“, the film that propelled Cethan Leahy into the limelight and sealed his fate in the film industry, it was directed by him, he also starred, written and even narrated it, so they must have liked him too. “Trippers Through Time” was already shown in the Bangor Film Festival ’08 but sadly did not bring back anything to Ireland, the winning Bangor films can be viewed from this link.

Details about the festival can be found here.

As for prizes we can try win can be found here. It would be nice to win something for once 🙂

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