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It’s the fourth shooting day, production proved a little bit difficult due to most of the cast being unavailable on that day so we filmed what we could, which was the starting scene. As ever when we’re shooting out on Pope’s Quay, we get a lot of strange looks from residents and passerbys, this time their reason to be scared was due to the amount of clothes that was being thrown out onto the street from the balcony, it was like the sky was falling. Footage looked pretty good in the end and our director seemed pleased.

Piratehelm seems well intent on getting the film done by July 1st which is the deadline for short entries into the Cork Film Festival. Although with filming on hold for a month due to College related activities that some of the cast and crew are encumbered by, this would only leave us with a week of May and the entire month of June to get the filming wrapped up and the post production finished in time for the deadline.

And we all love deadlines.

Fabien Sweeney as the quicktalking detective Tom Havenbrook

Fabien Sweeney as the quicktalking detective Tom Havenbrook

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