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Recently I decided to dust off my old editing material I worked with for last year’s True Love Leaves No Traces and decided to rework the soundtrack to include the music of dead artists to avoid any copyright troubles when it comes to submitting it to the Corona Fastnet Film Festival. Although the recordings used in the new version may or may not be in the public domain, suffice to say it’s difficult to notice copyright infringement from classical recordings than it is from music that’s made by artists who are still alive or have died within the last 70 years or so. You can watch that version from this link. I’ve made some minor visual tweaks to the film as a result that Black and White scene looks a lot better.

I also took the liberty of extracting some extended scenes from the raw footage. To keep things short and sweet I only took three scenes labelled “It’s like an orgasm in a cup”, “Relish?” and “Have you seen that video?”. One of them had to be shortened because of the subject matter and another just for pacing reasons. Without further ado here are the three extended scenes some of which contains foul language … my word.

We tend to make up the strangest lines when we don’t use scripts.

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