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Well it was day three of the Production Diary yesterday, myself and Cethan sat down and pieced together the film for several hours, we had done some work the night before but not enough to write a blog post about it. The film is at least 70% complete, still requiring some ADR work, picture and sound adjustments, and the closing credits. We’ve watched the first cut and it seems to have turned out pretty well. Now it’s just a matter of time before it gets submitted to Mutantshorts.

Other news, Piratehelm went ahead with shooting her Mutantshorts entry Fishbone on Tuesday, which another film I have to piece together by tomorrow. ADR will be done hopefully by evening so it’s going to be a tough night. There’s probably going to be more written about that production at a later date but at the moment I have little free time to do so.

Never thought we would get two films done in the space of a week.

– Jan

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