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Happy to announce we managed to get both films edited, authored onto DVD and finally handed in.

It was a difficult night for myself and Cethan as we pulled an all nighter working on getting these films done, it was the third night of editing and I felt drained from the previous nights and from my IT related full-time job I have. We finished rendering the films by 5 am, had the DVD’s ( a few issues in between ) burnt and then proceeded to watch the flow of flood water in the Lee. Pope’s Quay appears to be unscathed by the floods although Mercy Hospital and the surrounding area further up were badly affected, although I couldn’t get to work the following day I still worked from home for the job, trying my best not to collapse on the company laptop. The accumulated 12 hour sleep session I had afterwards was like a godsend.

Although slightly more complex in the structure than Fishbone, First A Dream was by far the best editing experience I’ve had in a long time, Cethan had already sent me plenty material ( music and art ) to work with, we both sat down worked out a few new ideas and tossed out some old ones suggested  from the script, and the film ended up being better than expected. Granted being the natural born pessimists that we are, we tend to carry fairly mediocre expectations of our films into the editing process. I’m not going to go into the detail of the trouble I’ve had with Fishbone but the film will undoubtedly benefit from the Second Edition.

You can watch the showing of these films along with other submissions in the Savoy on the 26th of November as part of the Mutant Space Carbaret, hopefully we’ll see some of you there . The online premier of both films will be scheduled a week after the event in case anyone is put off by the €5 admission fee or bad weather or both.

– Jan

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