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November News

Well it looks like we didn’t win anything at the Mutant Space event last night. The films we made were well received but didn’t quite make it in the judges top choice or in honourable mentions list. Interesting to note that Fishbone received more laughs than First a Dream, oddly enough it’s not intended to be a comedy. I was a bit disappointed to see that both Fishbone and First a Dream didn’t look as good projected onto the big screen than viewed on an LCD screen, the audio on the other hand was very  crisp, especially for the narrative parts in the latter, I didn’t realise how fantastic the dynamic range of the Condenser mic was until I heard it through the Sayoy’s speaker. Both films will be put on the website soon after they’re run through with a few more technical fixes. Congrats to Keith O’ Connell’s for his winning film Home Sweet Home.

Cethan and Aida are working on an audio piece with a narrated story as part of Aida’s college assignments. I wish the lads the best of luck in their latest endeavour and I can’t wait to see the result within the next few weeks, hopefully there will also be some video thrown in for good measure when it comes to combining visuals with music Aida knows her stuff.

No official word on the proposed Christmas Special we’re hoping to make, I have myself thought of a Post Christmas Special today involving our favourite wise-cracking cat, Milton, who plays a unwanted Christmas present who learns how to play the keyboard so he can busk out in the streets of Cork City for food. One song he plays will teach  kids the morals of wishing a pet for Christmas.

– Jan

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