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Audacity Denoise Tutorial

A lot of low budgets shorts I’ve seen for the past few years often neglect the audio recording quality during a shoot, rather than recording it separately from a external mic they commonly use the camera’s built in Microphone to do the job. The upside to this is that the camera operator needn’t worry about a shotgun getting into frame, it also allows for a smaller film crew and it’s less expensive. Of the many downsides I could list here there’s one in particular I like to address for the purpose of this tutorial alone. Camera noise.

Most mini- DV cameras come with an simple cooling system to prevent the camera from overheating and damaging the tape. As a result a buzzing noise is generated which is then easily picked up by the built in mic. It’s fine to use in outdoor settings since environmental noise masks it out but it’s far too audible in indoor shoots. Ideally you’d want to record the audio from an external source in this case but if you lack the resources to do so you can try your best to remove the noise in post production. In this tutorial we’re going to use Audacity. It’s free, powerful and relatively simple to use.

Download and install Audacity from this link.

Export the audio portion that you want to remove the camera buzzing noise from and import the file into Audacity.


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